Goals and Objectives

One to Two Years
  • Increase membership by five people in the next two years
  • Have 80% of members participate in all fundraisers
  • Promote Pickering Rotary through the website, marketing and events
  • New Fundraising event
  • Leadership development

One to Four Years
  • Build and shape Pickering International Services
    • Includes increasing our support with the Water filter distribution in Cameroon, Kenya and Laos and hygienic toilets in rural villages of Laos.
    • Ape Action Africa project which is a great ape sanctuary addressing the immediate threats faced by gorillas and chimps in Africa, and works with communities to develop long-term solutions to ensure their survival in the wild.  In addition, they provide education to local children, teaching them about conservation, science and environmental issues through our sponsoring of their education program.
  • Enhance our Community Involvement (focused support; i.e. seniors, students, children)
  • Enhance our Education Services through bursaries programs such as breakfast for students, environment projects, etc.
  • Introduce an Indigenous Project that promote and supports education, housing, clothing and food