Membership On-Boarding Program

Welcome to the Pickering Rotary Club!

We are happy that you have chosen our club as your Rotary Home.

First Step

If you have not attended one of our meetings, please connect online with us. We meet (3) Tuesdays a month at 7:30 am. Please click here to request a meeting zoom link. Our expectation is that you will attend 75% of the meetings in the first three months.

Second Step
It is our expectation that during the first month of your potential membership, you will have a discussion with the Membership Chair, President, and one Board member, join one of the Committees and complete the application form. This will ensure that you are committed to the Rotary cause.
Third Step
Within the second month, the potential members will confirm their interest and commitment to join, and pay the $75.00 membership fee.
A criminal information Request is also required through a Police Station.
Fourth Step
  • At the Board meeting in the second month, the potential member's application will be reviewed and either approved or denied.
  • Membership Dues: $300.00 per year
  • The Rotary year is July to June 30th,
  • Dues are collected July ($150) and January ($150) of each year
  • On approval of the application, the amount required may be a prorated amount depending on when your membership begins
  • The induction of a new member will take place at one our regularly scheduled meetings
  • The new member will be introduced and expected to present themselves to the club!
  • The new member will be assigned a Rotary Mentor
Pickering Rotary Expectations
  • To follow the Pickering Rotary Four-Way Test
  • To treat all members and others with kindness and respect
  • Attend 75% of the meetings yearly
  • Volunteer for Bingo, Music Festival and Rib/Foodfest and other events as required.
  • Have Fun!